Move>Soundwave>Series (((3)))


Welcome to MOVE>SOUND: Soundwave>Series Season ((3)), the most daring and adventurous season ever. Twelve extraordinary events await you at leading San Francisco art and music well as a moving bus venue. Each performance, by some of the most intriguing sound artists and musicans, explores movements connection with sound, inspiring new innovative ideas in the sound experience. Buckle up, you are going to be moved (literally) like never before.

EnviroSonic 6/27 The LAB
Soundwave begins its new season MOVE>SOUND with a stunning sonic assault on the audience’s sensory environment. Sam McKinlay and Christian Nicolay sonify the urban landscape as a skateboarder and an amplified railing become a living, breathing instrument. Diana Burgoyne creates a sonic masterpiece by enveloping the audience with live drawings that activate sounds into a rising cacophonic score from the copper frame’s elemental reaction to graphite. Amplified Skateboard and Sound Drawings have an audience-interactive component. Beno + Minnie combines melodies culled from free spirits, shaken and stirred percussion and layers of vocal textures with video and projection interventions and an amplified bicycle. Notice: Canadian artists Christian Nicolay and Sam McKinlay have been denied entry by US Customs. The artists have filmed their performance "Live Amplified and Processed Skateboard Railing" in Vancouver to be screened at EnviroSonic.

Sam McKinlay's sound art project THE RITA has been participating in the world of harsh noise since 1996. With international live shows and many of the noise recordings released by independent record labels in worldwide, THE RITA's presence in the international harsh noise world has been well recognized. Artist Website

Christian Nicolay has been the recipient of several visual and media arts awards. Artistic Director and Curator of various projects, includes collaborations with artists from various fields. He has given several lectures about his work, and has exhibited and performed in numerous spaces worldwide including Public, Commercial, and Artist Run Art galleries. Artist Website

Diana Burgoyne has been a visual artist working with technology since 1982, though refers to herself as an electronic folk artist. She explores the relationship between society, technology, and the environment through the use of sound, performance, and installation and has exhibited her work in Montreal, Toronto, New York, France, Holland and Estonia. She has been the artist-in-residence at Surrey Art Gallery's Tech Lab and participated in SCANZ in New Zealand. Burgoyne has also instructed "Creative Electronics" at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada since 1998. Artist Website

Beno + Minnie perform strange sounds, resonant riffs, and mysterious vocals inspired by long lost love letters from Beno to Minnie in the long lost summer of 1948. Upon serendipitious discovery of the letters, Rob Reger (of Thuja) and Aimee Friberg founded Beno + Minnie to charm and lull the amorous spirits from the recesses and crevices of their dark beings. Love is a hand written is waiting to hear back for is telling every detail of your day in quill green is hearing the words in voice from your lover though they are 923 miles away. This is Beno + Minnie sound like. Sometimes.

Canada's Sound Sculptors 6/29 Intersection For The Arts RESERVE NOW
In this special free artist talk event, Vancouver artists Diana Burgoyne and Christian Nicolay/Sam McKinley share their perspectives on their sonic work and process. Diana will also showcase and demonstrate her innovative sound-making frame device that involves live drawing to activate sound. Christian Nicolay/Sam McKinley will screen their short films on sonifications of everything from a tank, sneezing and a tennis match. Notice: Canadian artists Christian Nicolay and Sam McKinlay have been denied entry by US Customs and are unable to attend the talk. Their sonic films will still be screened at Canada's Sound Sculptors.

AudioBus 7/12, 7/18, 7/19, 8/8, 8/9

>>Download AudioBus Map [PDF]

Conceived by Soundwave Artistic Director Alan So for MOVE>SOUND, the AudioBus is a moving venue, giving audiences an adventurous sonic experience like never before. The sound artists and musicians curated for the AudioBus compose their San Francisco route and perform live scores to the scenery moving past them. An Audiobus system map will be created for passengers with leading art institutions the de Young Museum, New Langton Arts, Art Engine and Queens Nails Annex serving as bus station gathering places to check-in, wait, nibble, drink, buy merchandise and take in their latest exhibitions*. Double-decker bus shows are vintage UK-imported open-top buses courtesy of CitySightseeing with installed headphones for audiences.

AudioBus: Human Street Textures 7/12 and 8/9
Station: New Langton Arts, Queen's Nails Annex

Composer David Graves & sound artist [ruidobello] devise a tour route collecting live moving street sounds. David & [ruidobello] will mix, and manipulate the soundscapes into an alternate sonic reality for audiences equipped with headphones atop a CitySightseeing open top double-decker bus moving through the city. Station hosted by Queen's Nails Annex will a special AudioBus viewing of an extension exhibit of Yerba Buena Center for the Arts' BAY AREA NOW.
Buses have extremely limited seating. We strongly advise arriving at 6:00pm for 6:45 departure and 7:00pm for 7:45 departure. Check-in closes 15 minutes before scheduled departure time and your paid ticket will be given to the standby waitlist. No REFUNDS, TRANSFERS or EXCHANGES to another departure or event will be available for latecomers.
David Graves has composed music for multiple genres, including "neoclassical," ambient, jazz, and rock and has also scored music for film and theatre. He was a resident composer at the Djerassi Resident Artist Program where he was awarded the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Fellowship. In the past five years, in addition to progressive rock with Science NV and electronic explorations with AmbientBlack, he has also been scoring chamber music, especially in conjunction with the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra and recently completed a residency with the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra. Artist Website

[ruidobello] aka Jorge Bachmann is a multi-disciplinary, mixed-media and sound artist. Since the early eighties, he has been exploring the strange, unique and microcosmic sounds of everyday life, collecting field recordings. The sound atmospheres created are meant for deep listening and are composed in symbiosis with the sculptural installations. He creates equally sensual and detailed oriented photo-based work. His art explores social and sensual constructs and experiences. Artist Website
AudioBus: Zoe Keating 7/18 Station: de Young Museum Sign-up for waitlist
Bay Area’s own acclaimed avant-electro, one-woman-orchestra cellist, Zoe Keating will develop and perform a live score to her very own San Francisco bus tour route for an audience on a bus. Station hosted by the deYoung Museum on a special AudioBus "Friday Nights at the de Young" event featuring live performances and current exhibitions by Dale Chihuly and Timothy Horn*.
Buses have extremely limited seating. We strongly advise arriving at 6:00pm for 6:45 departure and 7:00pm for 7:45 departure. Check-in closes 15 minutes before scheduled departure time and your paid ticket will be given to the standby waitlist. No REFUNDS, TRANSFERS or EXCHANGES to another departure or event will be available for latecomers.
Armed with just her cello and a small box of electronics, Zoe Keating inhabits her own territory somewhere between classical and electronica. Keating's works of layered cello have been called luminous, haunting and complex. Onstage, Keating reproduces her music entirely live, her feet dancing over an array of pedals that control her live orchestrations and allowing "the moment" to take her compositions in spontaneous new directions. She has performed on NPR and Jay Leno with Paulo Nutini, and has collaborated with countless musicians, including the chamber-rock group Rasputina and toured with Imogen Heap. Her album "One Cello x 16: Natoma" rose to #2 on the iTunes Classical and Electronica Charts. Artist Website

*Regular admission fees will be in effect for de Young Museum's exhibitions. Friday Night performances are free.
AudioBus: Goh Nakamura 7/19 Station: Art Engine Gallery
Bay Area's own troubadour, Goh Nakamura, is famous for singing about parking tickets, impossible crushes, and faraway dreamlands. He will develop his tour route that will score to his songs for an audiences equipped with headphones atop a CitySightseeing open-top double-decker bus. Goh’s music has scored and soundtracked a few movies. Now audiences can experience their own real life movie in motion. Station hosted by the Art Engine Gallery on a special AudioBus viewing night of their featured exhibition "The Best I Have Ever Had" by Alexandra Chowaniec and Kristen Van Diggelen.
Buses have extremely limited seating. We strongly advise arriving at 6:00pm for 6:45 departure and 7:00pm for 7:45 departure. Check-in closes 15 minutes before scheduled departure time and your paid ticket will be given to the standby waitlist. No REFUNDS, TRANSFERS or EXCHANGES to another departure or event will be available for latecomers.
Goh Nakamura is a SF Bay Area based musician who accompanies himself with digital samplers and an acoustic guitar. His live solo shows are always unique and often unpredictable. Goh's music is described as 'falling in love for the first time' drawing comparisons to Elliot Smith and Nick Drake. Goh is winning fans worldwide when his video "Embarcadero Blues" became a hit on YouTube which has already surpassed one million views. Goh has contributed his guitar and vocal work to the Ridley Scott films “A Good Year” and “American Gangster”. His song “Daylight Savings” is on the soundtrack to the Robert Benton film “Feast of Love” starring Morgan Freeman and Greg Kinnear. Artist Website
AudioBus: Odessa Chen 8/8 Station: de Young Museum

Breakout singer songwriter Odessa Chen has been called ‘a rare talent’ sending shivers up and down the spine of listeners, with a voice that is truly a thing of sheer beauty”. She will develop her tour route that will score to her ethereal and haunting music for an audience equipped with headphones atop a CitySightseeing double-decker bus. Featuring guitarist Roger Riedbauer. Station hosted by the deYoung Museum on a special AudioBus "Friday Nights at the de Young" event featuring live performances and current exhibitions by Dale Chihuly and Timothy Horn*.

Buses have extremely limited seating. We strongly advise arriving at 6:00pm for 6:45 departure and 7:00pm for 7:45 departure. Check-in closes 15 minutes before scheduled departure time and your paid ticket will be given to the standby waitlist. No REFUNDS, TRANSFERS or EXCHANGES to another departure or event will be available for latecomers.
Odessa Chen's pure ethereal voice that has drawn comparisons to Jeff Buckley, Sigur Ros, Nina Nastasia and Cat Power. Her music has been described as wintry, intelligent, haunting, and tender. She has collaborated with Wilco's Nels Cline, Xiu Xiu's Devin Hoff, The Drift's Rich Douthit, Matt Brubeck and shared stages with Joile Holland, Damien Jurado and Vienna Teng, amongst many others. Odessa Chen attracted international attention with her debut record, One Room Palace. She has been interviewed on NPR, MTV Chi and Pacific Fusion TV, and her work has appeared in numerous independent films, compilations, and radio stations. She has just released her sophomore album Ballad of Paper Ships. Artist Website

Joining Odessa will be guitarist Roger Riedbauer. Roger has performed with Jolie Holland, Sean Hayes, the Halifax Pier as well as collaborated with numerous filmmakers and visual artists for multi-media performances. He is lead guitarist with noir rock band Boxcar Saints, experimental jazz ensemble Transmission and singer songwriter for The Cannery.

*Regular admission fees will be in effect for de Young Museum's exhibitions. Friday Night performances are free.

Aural Sensations 8/1 Community Music Center

An all sensory experience your body and mind you will not soon forget. Nebraska’s sonic alchemist Jay Kreimer creates an audio spectacle with audience-triggered motion sensor sounds with 'Red Crickets, Blue and Yellow". Sensors, from modified burgular alarms, will trigger pre-recorded and solenoid sounds evolving in response to the motion of the people in the space given red, blue and yellow metal cricket clickers. Walter Funk orchestrates 3-D holographic images from a custom-built video synthesis system intertwined with sound. The video synthesizer projects 3D holograms that animate and spatially transform into each other controlled by unique sound scultures and human movement. Jay Kreimer and Walter Funk will discuss and demo audience-interactive motion sensor technology follow performances.

Jay Kreimer is a musician, instrument builder, sculptor, composer and educator. He has shown artwork, mostly large installations with Wendy Weiss, and performed music through the U.S. and Canada. He is an alchemist of hardware stores, surplus catalogs, and discarded objects, who seems to be in a constant creative flow with words, music, pictures and any kind of found or invented object. Kreimer currently performs with The Mighty Vitamins, Shelf Life, and Seeded Plain. He has a BA from the University of Nebraska and an MA from San Francisco State University. Kreimer is an adjunct professor at Doane College-Lincoln.

Walter Funk performs with Kwisp, Fifty Foot, Hose and Mandible Chatter. His Hologlyphics are True 3D movies, combing elements of music, holography, video-synthesis, visionary film, electronic music, sculpture and improvisation to create a unique new artform. Walter and CWRK Musical Enviornments, created a Hong Kong sound installation and sculpture with motion sensors that trigger sounds that are random yet associated with time of the day. Walter studied music and psychoacoustics at CNMAT and holography at The Holography Institute. Artist Website

Sonic Velocity 8/2 Community Music Center

An array of sounds moving and traveling around you will make your senses titilate and ears roar created just for MOVE>SOUND. Mythical underground orchestra Moe!Kestra! will surround the audience and perform special aural compositions and orchestrations moving around the space concocted by leader Moe! Staiano. Supersonic duo Myrmyr creates shapes and patterns of motion using quadraphonic speakers that surround the audience. They will compose trajectories for the movement of sounds and create a 'map' of sonic shapes given to the audience as program notes, so they may trace their own perceptions of motion and sound in space.

Moe!Kestra! "It's a pounding, moving experience that surrounds the audience (literally; there are dozens of musicians taking up the room). When it's over you feel as if you've heard a whole new form of music." – NY Times. Moe! Staiano founded the Moe!kestra! project in 1997. It began when he gathered a dozen or so musicians playing a one sustained note from soft, quiet, crescendoing into a loud frenzy. At the end of the show, people were cheering and shouting "Moechestra! Moechecstra!" Some shows have as many as eight drummers mixed in with massive amounts of guitars, reeds, strings, etc. Visually, Moe! runs frantically like a madman, cuing musicians, arms flailing about, being very visual and very into his work. Artist Website

myrmyr is Agnes Szelag and Marielle Jakobsons creating electronacoustic songs on many instruments including the violin, cello, voice, bass, gezhong, piano and accordian. They combine experimental recording techniques, production and MAX/MSP patches. Their scores are often conceptually or process-driven, resulting in their unique style of electroacoustic music, reminiscent of Scandinavian folklore, lullabies, dramatic film scores, electronic and improvised music. Artist Website

BioSensonic 8/15 Intersection For The Arts

An intersection and interplay with the audience, sonic objects, motion sensors, sonic visualizations and dance. N_DREW will create "Ecotone", a real-time audio/visual experience between two adjoining ecological communities using a custom-built motion-sensored sonic interface with movement, improvisation and light. Kinesthetech Sense manifests "Theater of the Body", a journey through the visual artistry of Trinidad Mac_Auliffe and turning it into an immersive environment surrounding the dancer and the audience. N_DREW will discuss his A/V interactive sensor interfaces and Kinesthetech Sense will discuss their dance work following performances.

N_DREW (aka: Andrew Bucksbarg) creates audio-visual/VJ performances and interactive works, exploring organic and abstract forms, live A/V processes and participatory techno-culture, enthralling audiences with images, beats, ambient sounds and pixilated atmospheres. He's a media artist, experimental interaction designer, audio-visual performer and a professor at Indiana University. N_DREW 's work and interests reverberate in the space of new interactive technology/media practices and theory. N_DREW's work appears in museums, galleries and festivals internationally, including Piksel Festival in Norway; Cast Gallery in Tasmania; Come Out & Play Festival in New York; Sonorities Festival in Belfast; and the Signal To Noise Festival in Canada. Artist Website

Kinesthetech Sense creates ferociously interactive experiences for audiences throughout the world by merging dance, media, and technology. Artistic Director, A. Rootberg, the Vice President of Programming for the Dance Resource Center, incorporates dance with video while Music Director, M.Schedel, Assistant Professor of Music at Stony Brook University, combines audio with interactive technologies. Their work has been presented at many national and international venues. Kinesthetech Sense creates systems set in motion by artistic input, facilitating interplay between computers and humans. Artist Website

EcoSonology 8/16 Intersection For The Arts

Bringing our ecological environment onto the sonic stage. New York artist Andrea Polli explores the visual and sonic wonder of Antarctica collecting weather data sonifications and exposing our global climate change. With "Sonic Antarctica", her travel to the geographic South Pole to compile weather data is the basis for this immersive audio/visual experience through a series of natural and technical sound recordings and sonifications made bt artists, scientists and sound enthusiasts who have lived in Antarctica. Composers Jonny Farrow and Edmund Mooney creates awe-inspiring “Shadow Music” based on field recordings and objects from deep listening soundwalks. The entire piece is performed behind a backlit scrim with a lighting artist moving the light source. The shadows serve to focus the sound on the movement of the shadows and vice-verse - an interplay of light, sound and movement. Andrea Polli will discuss her sound work in the Antarctic and Jonny Farrow and Ed Mooney will discuss how acoustic ecology becomes the foundations of their work following performances.

Andrea Polli is a digital media artist living in New York City and is currently Director of the Integrated Media Arts MFA Program at Hunter College. She is interested in global systems, the real time interconnectivity of these systems, and the effect of these systems on individuals. She has exhibited, performed, and lectured nationally and internationally. She currently works in collaboration with atmospheric scientists to develop systems for understanding storm and climate information through sound (a process called sonification). Recent collaborations include: Atmospherics/Weather Works, a spatialized sonification of highly detailed models of storms that devastated the New York area; and N., a real-time multi-channel sonification and visualization of weather in the Arctic. She recently spent seven weeks in Antarctica on a National Science Foundation funded project, Artist Website

Edmund Mooney is a composer, sound designer and sound artist. His work has been presented at Lincoln Center, The Metropolitan Museum, DTW and PS 122, among others. Recent works include "Body Maps" with Vision into Art at the Whitney Museum, "Sound Box 1" with Andrea Williams and Jonny Farrow at Free 103's Wave Farm, and "Eros Thanatos" with installation artist Erika Harrsch at Fotofest in Houston, TX and at Galleria Leme in Sao Paolo, Brazil. He is a founding member of the New York Society for Acoustic Ecology and a co-curator of their monthly radio show, Giant Ear))). Artist Website

Jonny Farrow is a Brooklyn-based phonographer, composer and performer of new sound works, is co-chair of the New York Society for Acoustic Ecology, and has an M.A. in musicology. His compositions make use of instruments, field recordings and other prepared sounds. His artistic practice often centers on a concept that is explored through the recording of very specific, sometimes isolated sounds. Other times, recording itself is the critical subject for which sound objects are arranged and manipulated. In performance, he often utilizes the small sounds of objects, transforming those sounds into new, evocative soundscapes. Artist Website.

Public Soundwalks 8/17 RESERVE

Led by the New York Society of Acoustic Ecology, deep listening journeys focus on sounds of a particular environment while moving through it. It's a way to experience a new or an already familiar place with an entirely new perspective, often with sense of amazement about being able to hear the fine details in life just by walking and focusing on listening. The walks are a purposely aimless walk designed to explore urban pyschogeography.

New York Society for Acoustic Ecology (NYSAE) is an organization that advocates listening and promotes public dialog about the urban sound environment. The NYSoundmap is an ongoing project by NYSAE that focuses on the urban sound environment and includes the webradio program Giant Ear))) and, a googlemap interface that allows visitors access to sounds recorded in the five boroughs of NYC. The NYSoundmap has been presented on WNYC's SoundCheck with John Schaefer and the Brian Lehrer Show, and on WBAI Pacifica Radio. Artists of NYSAE include Andrea Williams, Edmund Mooney, Andrea Polli, Jonny Farrow and Andrea Callard. Organization Website


About Soundwave>Series

The Soundwave>Series is Project>Soundwave's biennial event series recently named 'Best Sound Sculptures – Future Classic' by San Francisco Magazine's BEST of 2007 issue. Soundwave is a multi-venue and multi-date festival happening over the span of two months every two years in San Francisco USA. Each season investigates a new idea in sound and invites diverse multidisciplinary artists and musicians to explore the season's theme in new and innovative directions. It challenges and inspires artists and audiences to look deeper into the sound medium and discover new connections to sound making and the sound experience. The Soundwave>Series has completed two successful seasons, Season 2's SURROUND>SOUND and Season 1's FREE>SOUND. ME'D1.ATE launched Project>Soundwave in 2004 to explore the boundaries of how we see sound, language and music. It is a project dedicated to explore innovative sound work and present intriguing artists in sound and music through the production of CDs, exhibitions and live events. Its mission is to explore the creation of sound; attempt to understand and shape the aural landscapes in everyday life; and find innovative ways to engage the listener using sound as language, music, environment or a vehicle for human connection and interaction. Project Website

About ME'D1.ATE Network

Based in San Francisco, USA, ME'D1.ATE is a non-profit art group that produces innovative products, exhibitions and live events in visual and sound arts with diverse emerging and established local and international artists and musicians. It connects these works to new and diverse audiences, which include the online art exhibition, The.ME.Project ( launched in 2002 and the CD and event series, Project>Soundwave ( released in 2004. ME'D1.ATE's projects challenge perspectives to inspire new and unique experiences within ourselves and the world around us. Our goal is for audiences to look beyond the surface, and look deep into ideas and works critically, imaginatively and without limitation. Organization Website

MOVE>SOUND Organizing Team:

Creator, Producer and Artistic Director: Alan So
Technical Director: Jorge Bachmann
Fundraising Coordinator and Technical Advisor: David Graves
Event Coordinator and Festival Liaison: Jessica Resmond
Volunteer Coordinator: Wilma Mason
Event Manager: Estelle Fabre
Organizing Members: Thomas Pontailler, Jeff Johnson, Tony Meredith, Darin Little, John Moore
Organizing Interns: Lillian Le, Kelly Cheung, Chen Zang
Documentation: Michael Smith, Jeff Johnson, Anne Chao
Event Volunteers: Jeffrey Schwartz, Natasha Turnquest, Jackie Holland, Robin Dee, Lori Filocamo, Melissa Federico
Designer: Max Sarrazin
Web Development: Daniel Hillriegel
Curatorial Commitee: Alan So (Chair), Jorge Bachmann, David Graves, Jessica Resmond
Sound Advisors: Marielle Jakobsons, Lance Grabmiller, Matt Davignon, Jay Kreimer

Past Seasons

Soundwave>Series ((1))
April/May 2004

Soundwave>Series ((2))
June/July 2006


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"Check your earwax at the door...The NY Society of Acoustic Ecology aims to reintroduce us to those things on the sides of our heads (ears not the [head]phones)."

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"...if an iceberg breaks off a glacier and no one's there to hear it, does it make a sound?"

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AudioBus artists will be on 'Arts in Review' on KALX 90.7FM this Thursday July 17 at 12 Noon - 12:30pm! Live stream

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AudioBus Map Available for Download [PDF]

ME'D1.ATE Announces MOVE>SOUND, Season ((3)) of the Soundwave>Series
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Soundwave>Series ((3))
is supported in part by:

Meet The Composer's MetLife Creative Connections program

Subito, the Quick Advancement Grant from the San Francisco Chapter of the American Composers Forum

Noisemakers: Michael Smith, Vicki Wong/Meomi Design, Rattlers: The M-Line, John Moore, Wilma Mason, Resonators: Damon Crain, Jason O'Toole

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"Best Sound Sculptures Future Classic"
San Francisco Magazine Best '07

Soundwave seen on Spark
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"The Soundwave Series has sought to make irrelevant the typical distinctions between artist, musician, audience, stage, and venue... idiosyncratic performances that are challenging, charming, magical, assaultive, and (as is always the case with really sweet sound art) deeply personal for everyone present." – Frances Reade
SF Weekly

"It's an artistic and exploratory experience for your senses that will open your eyes and your mind."

"A combination of electronics, improvisation, and giddy experimentation"
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