Soundwave>Series 01



An Intersection of Sound and Film

Project>Soundwave Release Party

TH APRIL 22 2004 | 8PM


Artists' Television Access (ATA) website
992 Valencia Street (at 21st) San Francisco


$5 ($5 CD with admission)




Sonic Charge: The Boundaries of Sound Exploded
May 14, 21 Grand, Oakland website

Tripped Wire: Between the Edges of Noise and Music
May 18, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco website


Join us in celebrating the CD release for Project>Soundwave: An Exploration into the Nature of Sound and the first installment of the Soundwave>Series, eclectic events that celebrate the possibilities of sound, language and music.

Press images available here.



Project>Soundwave: An Exploration into the Nature of Sound
is an eclectic collection of works that investigates the creation of sound and the possibilities for the sonic medium. 18 tracks by 15 diverse artists from 5 countries (including 3 from the Bay Area) were selected to inspire possibilities of what sound can be and find innovative ways for us to think, communicate, understand and shape the aural landscapes that surround us. Event special: $5 CD with admission.



Soundwave>Series 01 FLICKER
showcases the connections between sound and film/video arts – filling the environment with live performances by featured artists, video screenings and listening sessions.

Proceeds of the CD release and events will support the production of Project>Soundwave and benefit local organizations to develop programming in the creative sound arts and education.


          Neal Morgan (Berkeley)
Neal is an artist who makes songs for fields (lawns, meadows, etc.) and provides the music, either in recorded form or in performance, for the viewing of the photographs or videos of fields he has visited.
          Tim Gallaher (San Francisco)
Tim is a mixed media performance artist whose primary mediums are music and film. He creates cinematic narratives with his songs, vocals and projected imagery which include spoken word and absurd puppertry antics.
    GroundChuck (San Francisco)
GroundChuck is a pulverized cow, fur bearing mammal, soundscapes and aural interludes that aim at reframing consciousness and creating thought patterns that transform and inspire. His debut CD is to be released later this year.

thom poe Concert for Escalators (Austria)
Concert for Escalators blurs the boundaries between an ordinary escalator and a musical concert. Using recordings of escalators around Vienna, thom poe transports the listener into a jouney from the familiar to an extraordinary dream. In 2 Parts. Sound w/ Video Accompainiment. 7mins. 5mins.


Maria Blondeel Video Meteorology: Wondering What the Sky Sounds Like (Belgium)
The tones you hear are produced by an electronic sound generator that was installed in a car. A Cmos module and 2 light sensors were attached to the windshield of a car facing the sky. The pitch and intensity of th sound changed according to the light situation. Video/Sound. 12mins.



James Bohn Walking on Eggshells (New Bedford MA)
"I could never say the right things to you...walking on eggshells" Walking on Eggshells was created through a technique called circuit bending. A Speak and Spell was short circuited to generate the majority of the sounds in this piece exploring the miscommunication in relationships. Video/Sound. 6mins.



Castle Castle Phoenix in Turkey (Columbus OH)
Phoenix in Turkey is an obsession with symmetry and conflict between its collaborators: the natural (the guitar, vocals and lyrics: Steve Stelling) and the synthetic (the purcussion, mechanical and synth sounds: Jeff Sims) The result is like a party where robots and cowboys are welcome, but there's gonna be a brawl. World Premiere Music Video. 2mins.




inquires the possibilities for the sonic medium: exploring the creation of sound; attempting to understand and shape the aural landscapes in everyday life; or finding innovative ways to engage the listener using sound as language, music, environment, or vehicle for human connection and interaction.

Project>Soundwave is synthesized in an audio CD and events celebrationg the possibilities of sound, language and music.




ME’D1ATE Network is a not-for-profit creative community that produces cross-pollinating collaborations between diverse artists and mediums and incites innovative ideas and visions through its exhibitions, products and live events.

In development for over a year and a half, Project>Soundwave is a production of MEDIATE NETWORK and curated and organized by Alan So.