Soundwave Finale Editor’s Pick in Flavorpill
“”The sure-to-reach-capacity closing performance of the aurally behemoth Soundwave biennial… will… dash your phony wakeful self to dreaming Devachan. Hold on tight.” Read Article

The End of The Beginning is SF Weekly’s Editor’s Pick
“Artists have always been attracted to revolutionary moments… Soundwave’s final performance, “The End of the Beginning,” aims to celebrate surrealism and mirror Man Ray’s collaboration with Miller through experimental performances…” Read Article

The End of The Beginning is SF Chronicle’s Datebook Pick
“More than 35 musicians and vocalists, including Volti, Sqwonk and the Oakland Active Orchestra, celebrate human triumphs and tragedies, while signaling the beginning of a collective future.” Read Article

Soundwave Featured in Art Animal
“This in a nutshell is what Soundwave is all about: seeking out unexplored artistic territory, breaking boundaries and opening new doors of artistic possibility.” Read Article

Soundwave Finale Weekend Pick in The Bold Italic
“The End of Sound: It feels like we were just celebrating the kickoff of Soundwave, SF’s innovative festival for interesting musical inventions. They’re having two free closing celebrations this weekend, one on Friday at Intersection for the Arts and another [in the courtyard] of the Legion of Honor on Sunday. ” Read Article

Revelation Zen Editor’s Pick in Flavorpill
“Tonight offers a rare opportunity to experience traditional sitting, walking, and chanting Zen practice with a rather unorthodox twist: secular musical accompaniments. En, Sean McCann, and Marielle V. Jakobsons all create music that is hypnotic, dreamy, and immaculately textured, adding yet another interesting layer of experience to your practice this evening.” Read Article

Revelation Zen Weekend Rutbusters in The Bold Italic
“Danny Paul Grody was so great at our Meditations on SF event last year, and he’s back at the Zen Center again, this time curating an evening of thought provoking musical performances as part of the Soundwave festival.” Read Article

Revelations: Myths + Meditations Weekend Pick in The Bold Italic
“Sundays are Sacred: Get ready for another manic Monday by chilling way out on Sunday evening with a night of music, meditation, and film at Soundwave ((5)): Revelations: Myths and Meditations at Episcopal Church of St. John the Evangelist.” Read Article

The Unconscious World Editor’s Pick in Flavorpill
“The music is aimed, as it were, at your subconscious, and creates a kind of social experiment whereby the sharing of psyches and the effects of shared experience within the individual psyche are considered.” Read Article

The Unconscious World Weekend Rutbuster’s Pick in The Bold Italic
“Unconscious Fun: How many events encourage lying down and snuggling into some blankets? Not enough. As part of Soundwave’s innovative music fest, The Unconscious World involves getting horizontal while listening to performances by Jon Porras from Barn Owl among others.” Read Article

Festival Director Alan So interviewed on ‘Amazing Grace’ KALX 90.7FM
Alan So spends an hour to discuss about the upcoming Soundwave ((5)) Humanities events and playing the diverse artists of Soundwave past and present including Jon Porras, Odessa Chen, Myrmyr, Volti, Squonk, and more.

The New Humanity Conference is SF Chronicle’s Datebook Pick

SonicPLACE Exhibiton pick in Flavorpill
“SonicPLACE gathers information from the light, movement, and sounds of people around it, and then expresses it back in a way that enunciates the previously insensible.” Read Article

Soundwave NightLife in The Bold Italic!
“Last week’s Soundwave NightLife party at California Academy of Sciences was a dream music experience for me. I love watching bands perform in spaces that are as creatively stimulating as the music, and the museum’s stunning exhibits provided some seriously trippy backdrops for an incredible crew of musicians.” Read Article

Soundwave Festival in NiteVibe
“This week they keep the fun going with the opening of SonicPLACE, an exhibition at Intersection for the Arts featuring installations that react to light, sound and our movement, and The Human Bionic at The Lab showcasing innovative instrumentation using the human body.” Read Article

Kinda Cyborgy: The Soundwave Festival Holds Us in its Humanoid Embrace: SF Bay Guardian Features the ‘Glorious’ Soundwave
“The bi-annual, three-month-long Soundwave takes over the city with a heady onslaught of sonic explorations, many of the electronic, installation-based variety, but also incorporating nifty biophysical elements and experiential live performances. This installment promises some truly cosmic haps.”Read Article

Aural Fixations: SF Weekly previews Soundwave’s “Distinct and Daring” Artists
“Every other year, Soundwave brings these distinct and daring artists together for a summer-long fete staged within museums, nightclubs, abandoned bunkers, rolling buses, and open fields…This year’s festival opens with “The Beginning of the End,” a night of art, science, and sound set against the closing cycle of the Mayan calendar…Whichever path you choose, this will be quite an introduction to the season.”Read Article

Soundwave is Flavorpill’s “Epic” Pick of the Week
“Every two years, the epic Soundwave project washes into San Francisco, bringing three months of experimental, otherworldy music and art experiences into every corner of the city. Produced by local arts organization MEDIATE, Soundwave is the kind of festival that challenges its audiences to immerse themselves in their surroundings, to taste music and listen closely to visual art.” Read Article

Soundwave in The Bay Bridged
“Explore the Soundwave experimental sound festival this summer in San Francisco.” Read Article

Soundwave ((5)) Humanities Preview on Mutiny Radio
Festival and Artistic Director Alan So gives a preview of what is in store this season on Psionic Dehiscence with DJ Yuri G. Listen to Podcast

ME’DI.ATE Announces Soundwave ((5)) Humanities
San Francisco Innovative Art & Music Biennial to Examine Our Own Humanity From July 5 to September 30 2012. View Press Release | View Festival Calendar (pdf)


The End of Soundwave on Pirate Cat Radio
Artistic Director Alan So talks about the end of Soundwave Festival ((4)): Green Sound and reminisces the past two-month festival on Tiny Antennas Have Large Receptors with DJ Words and DJ Rousch. Listen to Clip.

Soundwave Festival’s Illuminated Forest Sees Final Performances: SFWeekly Covers the End of the Exhibition/Performance Residency
“Video art. Interactive sound. Live performances. All in a high-tech “Illuminated Forest” that only truly comes alive when humans enter. (Yes, it knows when humans enter.) This is the Soundwave Festival’s Illuminated Forest exhibit — a so-called “multimedia exhibit and reactive performance space” at the Lab.” Read Full Article.

SF Artists Explore What ‘Green’ Sounds Like: Soundwave’s Illuminated Forest in Treehugger
“What does “green” sound like? Artists and musicians in San Francisco are attempting to answer that tricky question with a series of avant-sound performances and shows, including a month-long installation that allows visitors to explore an illuminated “forest” that changes with their presence, reflecting the impact people have on real ecosystems.” Read Full Article.

Cold Core: Soundwave’s Animosity Featuring Cheryl E. Leonard in SFWeekly
“Good sound artists don’t do things halfway. Cheryl Leonard was interested in the Antarctic, so she went to the Antarctic. She collected field recordings — of penguins, seals, birds, ice, storms. She made instruments — of penguin bones, limpet shells, ice, rocks.” Read Full Article.

Soundwave’s Imaginary Creatures Featuring Barn Owl is Flavorpill’s Editor’s Pick of the Week
“The duo spins out spooky electronic drone music on treated electric guitars. The Gothic jams are also inspired by Bay Area natural wonders like Muir Woods and the Presidio. Tonight at the Lab, Barn Owl uses their dark, atmospheric music to haunt the Illuminated Forest, a multimedia landscape created from projections, sound, lights, and shadows.” Read Full Article.

All Natural Technology: ArtSlant Reviews the Illuminated Forest
“The exhibition strongly makes the case that man’s relationship to the natural world has shifted so thoroughly that the intervention of interactive technologies seems not only logical but the necessary way in which to engage an audience. The star of the show, however, is not the machines themselves but their source material, which has been craftily reinvented into a rather fantastical landscape.” Read Full Article.

The Act of Illumination: Notes from the Artistic Director about the Illuminated Forest
Artistic Director Alan So takes a closer look into ME’DI.ATE’s exhibition and performance residency at The Lab. Read Full Article.

Jessica Wise on the Illuminated Forest
Academy of Art student, Jessica Wise, produces a wonderful video piece about the Illuminated Forest. View Here.

Shrouds Illuminated: San Francisco Bay Guardian Reviews the Illuminated Forest
“I walked in and these great swaths of white tulle were draped, floor to ceiling in front of the entryway and all around the exhibit hall, separating each small nook from the next cranny, and providing screenage for video projections of forest color and form.” Read Full Article.

A Special Message by Alyce Santoro
Texas-based artist Alyce Santoro explains her absence at Soundwave and presents a special presentation to Soundwave audience. Read Full Article.

Soundwave Fest on KUSF 90.3FM
Artistic Director Alan So and Technical Director Jorge Bachmann previews the Illuminated Forest on KUSF 90.3FM on Monday at 10:30am with DJ Jacob featuring tracks by Geraud Béc, Jim Haynes and Alyce Santoro. Listen to Clip.

Soundwave Fest on KALX 90.7FM
Artistic Director Alan So talks about the Soundwave Festival on KALX 90.7FM on Amazing Grace Sunday at 12p with DJ Helen featuring tracks by REDSHIFT, Barn Owl, Odessa Chen, Crooked Jades, Myrmyr, The Drift, Geraud Béc, Thomas Carnacki, Christopher Willits, and Cheryl E. Leonard. Listen to Clip.

A Look Inside Soundwave’s Rock the Bike at Sunday Streets Mission
Check out a great video by K9 Sound about our special bike-powered music stage event at Sunday Streets! View Here.

Soundwave’s Inflorescence Event Pick of the Week!
Inflorescence 2010 at Civic Center Plaza has gotten everyone buzzing! San Francisco Bay Guardian, Nitevibe, Flavorpill and SFStation agree it is one of their Editor’s Event Pick of the Week!

KQED Reviews Soundwave Festival’s Season Opening Event
“Strange noises echoed out of an abandoned WWII fortification hollowed into the hillside above Rodeo Beach. Gregg Kowalsky orchestrated elegant, almost hypnotic, loops that reverberated viscerally around the audience; Jacob Felix Heule and Kanoko Nishi stormed the tunnel with an incredibly cinematic improvisational duet; Fog billowed around Danny Paul Grody mixing and re-layering loops of feedback as swallows darted in and out of the battery circling the audience in such perfect sync with the music it was as if Grody had choreographed their movements.” Read Full Article

Sounding Good: Soundwave’s Unweathered Embers in SFWeekly
“Unweathered Embers takes place in St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, a 1895 Romanesque Revival building designed by architect Henry Geilfuss. The red-brick masterpiece structure has two towers, pointed arches, pier buttresses, a rose window, and a large, fine organ. Why are we telling you so much about it? Because for Unweathered Embers, part of the ambitiously Soundwave Festival ((4)) Green Sound, you should consider St. Mark’s not only part of the band, but its throat.” Read Full Article

Jeremiah Moore and Aaron Ximm of Bay Area Sound Ecology (BASE) talk about Phantom Power on KUSF 90.3FM
Bay Area Sound Ecology co-chairs interviewed about Phantom Power at Yerba Buena Gardens on KUSF 90.3FM Today Monday at 11am with DJ Jacob. Listen to Podcast (3rd Hour).

Spill It Over: Soundwave in the Bay Guardian
“…we may be entering a genre-free experiential zone. So why not step it up by immersing yourself in the two-month wonder of our very own experiential music festival, Soundwave? Trust, it’ll be amazeballs. There will be illuminated forests. There will be “extreme natural resonance” drones in abandoned bunkers. There will be live string duets inside famous sculptures.” Read Article.

Soundwave Fest on Pirate Cat Radio 87.9FM San Francisco
Artistic Director Alan So previews GREEN SOUND on Psionic Dehiscence with DJ Yuri G on Pirate Cat Radio 87.9FM San Francisco. Listen to Clip.

ME’DI.ATE Announces Soundwave ((4)) Festival Green Sound
Bay Area’s Most Innovative Festival Explores Environmental Performances and Works From June 6 to August 13 2010. View Press Release | View Festival Calendar