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July 5

Soundwave ((5)) Opening Night Party at NightLife

MEDIATE & The Bold Italic present ‘The Beginning of The End’ hosted by the California Academy of Sciences’ NightLife.

Celebrate opening night of San Francisco’s innovative three-month art and music festival, Soundwave, presented by MEDIATE and The Bold Italic. The night features a blend of art, science and sound around this year’s festival theme: challenging audiences to question their perspectives on the present and our hopes and fears about the future. Futuristic space rock band Lumerians performs in the piazza, musician Matt Baldwin will play amongst the fish in the coral reef, and guitarist Danny Paul Grody will play the skies of the Aurora Borealis in a mini-planetarium, with DJ Tristes Tropiques and DJ Nihar spinning the night away with disco house/post-punk tunes. Select Soundwave artists will present interactive demonstrations that explore future experiences of sound and technology, including Les Stuck’s video dance sensors, The Cellar Ensemble’s sound/light oracle instrument, Jay Kreimer’s empathic facial responder and instruments, Drew Detweiler & Lyes Belhocine’s Lumisketch, and Stephen Hurrel’s live sounds of the moving Earth. Plus, Apocalypse Cakes author Shannon O’Malley will serve samples and read from her guide to doomsday desserts.

Must be age 21+ to attend NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences.

Lumerians are garage scholars of the weird. The Oakland-based quintet play droning dance music for the soul you forgot you had – the noise of the billions of switches in your brain shutting off and on in perfect harmony. Three years after their self-released EP, Lumerians recently unleashed their debut full length Transmalinnia, an immersive odyssey beyond the senses five. Inspired by the transcendental visions of artist and poet Eugene Von Bruenchenchein, the album takes its name from his cosmic fingerpainting that illuminates the cover. While Transmalinnia’s sound palette evokes primitive analog witchery, Lumerians hunger for the future. As sensitive to texture and repetition as an electronic act, the band is propelled by voodoo rhythms, stripped-down organ psych and fuzzed out space disco, travelling freely through worlds both vaguely familiar and largely uncharted. Live, it is all about the dance; at once a visceral and psychological encounter. Flickering visions are projected, keyboards buzz, drums pound, bodies sway and minds melt. The vibrant evocations and tribal rumblings are so intoxicating that sensory registers are crossed: sonics becomes optics, music becomes vision, psychedelia becomes phantasmagoria. While the music draws from many sources, it is focused on exploratory visions of other worlds and states of being. So by all means open your mind, but watch where you step. Artist Website

Danny Paul Grody is a founding member of San Francisco-based bands Tarentel and The Drift. A self-taught guitarist, the melodies at the core of Danny’s songwriting bring to mind his love of West African kora, Tacoma-style fingerpicking and all things minimal, repetitive & hypnotic. His debut solo album Fountain came out in January 2010 on Root Strata and was followed up by In Search of Light on the Students of Decay label in 2011.  He is currently working on new material for his third solo album scheduled for release later this year. Artist Website

Matt Baldwin’s take on his role as new Guitar God is way different than the approach of his acoustic-driven contemporaries—all 6’ 4” of him—long-haired, open-mouthed, hands-on-hips, glowering and gormless. This so-called folkie Matt Baldwin druid is nothing less than a one-man Heavy Metal Band, a highly amphetamined and para-military Nick Drake filtered through K. Stockhausen’s ring modulator. At his peak, Baldwin’s Leo Kottke-at-his-most-grinningly-demented Tigers on Vaseline slithery slide work sounds for all the world like he’s appropriated some Titan’s coffee mug and is scree-surfing down a rusty hillside of old goldmine railtracks on it. Elsewhere, Baldwin veritably hammers the strings, at times nearly clawing them off the fretboard in his need to coax, cajole and bully the maximum result from his poor tortured guitar. Artist Website

djs Tristes Tropiques is the driving force behind Haçeteria, a fog and laser fueled monthly dance night presented with Nihar, during which the steamiest electronic dance music vinyl slabs are played, mostly from the era spanning 1986-1993, including Chicago House, Acid, Detroit Techno, Classic Rave, New Beat, Electronic Body Music, Early Trance, Hip-House and more. Haçeteria is also dedicated to highlighting a diverse array of live electronic dance musicians that are breaking new ground while moving bodies on the dance floor. Artist Website