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July 27

The Meta Bionic at The Lab

Featuring multimedia performances by M + V (Costa Rica), Guillermo Galindo ft. Quinteto Latino, and NASSA (Chicago/SF)

The Meta Bionic experiments with multi-media performances of evolved organisms, surreal visions and regenerated artifacts. Costa Rican artistic duo M+V (aka Tavis Johns & Paulina Velázquez) manifests a new iteration of their long-term project ‘Raro’ which explores cellular activities and evolutionary mutations that combine sound, sculpture, and live animation performance, with concepts of “normal” vs. “abomination,” and “organic” vs. “synthetic.” Artist Galindo with Quinteto Latino bring ‘Instruments of Connection,’ instruments created from personal objects left behind from the US/Mexican border threading stories of the loss and search for new life with these new cyber-totemic objects. Artistic duo NASSA (aka Nadav Assor (Chicago) & Surabhi Saraf (SF) brings their audio-sculptural performance ‘Tunneling’ which examines the breaking through of walls/barriers that reveal layers both common and surrealistic via surgical con(dis)truction to discover an almost X-ray vision of one’s world/mind. The Meta Bionic ventures into a world beyond Bionic with imaginations of bionic utopia/dystopia.

Come experience the Raro installation during Extended Listening Parties at the Lab:
Saturday, 07.28 from 2PM-7PM; Sunday, 07.29 from 2PM-7PM; Tuesday, 07.31 from 6PM-10PM; Thursday, 08.02 from 6PM-10PM

M+V is the name given to the interdisciplinary collaborations of Paulina Velazquez-Solis and Travis Johns. Mixing vi­sual arts, music and performance, they strive for spontaneous juxtapositions of improvisation and narrative using shapes and sounds that trigger symbolic notions, both familiar and unfamiliar. Their collaboration is a progression of their artistic interests, combining their experiences in different disciplines with the intended goal of finding the numerous intersections where the natural world combines with the human experience. Velazquez-Solis comes from the visual arts, working primarily with animation, drawing and sculpture, and presently works in experimental music with the live animation and sound project Multifungi. Johns is a musician and composer, who combines field recording based soundscapes with home-built instruments. Re­cently, his work has expanded to also include bio-art oriented multimedia experiments, creating images derived from earthworms and river currents, among other things. M+V has performed at such places as the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive and Fort Mason’s Herbst Pavilion, as well as the Festival de Música Electroacústica de Costa Rica, and most recently at the 2011 Costa Rican Arts Biennial. Artist Website | Artist Website

Guillermo Galindoʼs artistic work spans a wide spectrum of expression from symphonic composition to the domains of musical and visual computer interaction, video, electro-acoustic music, opera, film music, instrument building, three-dimensional installation, performance art, improvisation and sound design. His music and multimedia work has been performed and shown at major festivals and art exhibits throughout the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. In the field of opera Galindo has written two major works: Califas 2000 with text and performance by MacArthur Fellow Guillermo Gomez Peña and Decreation/Fight Cherries with text by MacArthur Fellow poet Anne Carson. Guillermo Galindo presently is a senior adjunct professor at the California College of Arts where he teaches courses on sound art, electronic music, applied composition, performance art and musicology. He is also presently working as a co-founder and co-curator of the POW!POW!POW! action art festival in San Francisco. Artist Website

Surabhi Saraf and Nadav Assor are collaboratively known as NASSA. Saraf is a new media artist whose work brings together elements from experimental sound art, classical music, choreography and video art. She was a past winner of Art vs. Design organized by Artists Wanted, New York and her work PEEL won the Celeste Prize in Italy. Saraf’s works are informed by her background in experimental sound, Indian classical music and choreography; audio-visual installations and live performances transform the banal and repetitive movements of everyday life into a grandiose expression of the ordinary. Her artistic exploration is in creating experiences; experiences that are emotional, immersive and overwhelming. Assor is an inter-media artist who works with a wide range of temporal mediums, from sculptural installation to live video performance, all of which are utilized in his explorations of personal and technological mediations of urban, architectural, emotional and ideological structures. Assor’s performance and installation pieces often involve physical embodiment as a metaphorical or concrete live process that ranges from the absurd to the violent. He has shown his work in a wide range of venues in places such as Israel, Berlin, Bologna, China and Chicago and is a recent recipient of the prestigious Edes Foundation Award for Emerging Artists. Saraf and Assor’s collaborative work was presented at the NETMAGE 10 International Live Media Festival, Bologna, Italy. Artist Website