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July 21

The Future Bionic at The Lab

Featuring multimedia and interactive performances by Jay Kreimer (Nebraska), Diana Burgoyne (Canada), and The Cellar Ensemble

The Future Bionic looks into the future of the sonic human with audience-interactive performances featuring facial empathic scores, sonic masks, and techno-oracles. Nebraska artist Kreimer presents ‘Born Wireless’ creating scores from the human face and their emotional landscape with custom-built instruments to respond to audience facial expressions empathically, triggering sounds derived from human speech and the human body. Canadian folk artist Burgoyne creates ‘What do you think the mind is?’ a performance installation featuring suspended masks which audiences interact with to question and reflect the notions of our mind and body. The Cellar Ensemble (aka artist/programmer Shane Myrbeck & musician Emily Shisko) explores our concepts of oracles using invented motion-light reactive instruments and musical processing conjuring the future through sound. The Future Bionic urges audience members to consider our physical connections to our minds to unlock what the future holds.

Jay Kreimer is a composer, musician, instrument maker, sculptor and educator. He has worked as a sound designer for fine art installations; a composer of original music for dance; an adjunct professor of writing, creative problem solving, arts issues and leadership at Lincoln Doane, winning Teacher of the Year in 2002. Kreimer has performed and exhibited all over the world, notably at OneMoon Beijing, San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design, Museum of Nebraska Art, D.C. Arts Center, Asian Center Vancouver, D-22 Beijing, Transistor Festival Denver, Quiet Music Festival Ireland, and Intuit Art Center Chicago. He was named as a 2011 finalist in the Guthman Musical Instrument Invention. Kreimer has presented interactive talks and led workshops in London, Cork Ireland, Colorado, Tulsa and Chicago, and at the International Society of Improvising Musicians Conferences in Santa Cruz and Denver. He is a Deep Listening Institute National Advisory Board Member and performs with his musical outfits The Mighty Vitamins and Seeded Plain. Artist Website

Diana Burgoyne works as an artist and educator within the field of New Media creating performances, installations, sculptures and workshops. She also presently works as an “electronic folk artist” and much of her work is based on utilization of simple electronic circuits made from relatively rudimentary components. Burgoyne’s performances and installations have been exhibited in Montreal, Toronto, New York, France, Holland, Estonia and New Zealand. She has been an artist in residence at the Surrey Art Gallery’s Tech Lab, The Banff Centre, The Western Front, The Roundhouse, San Francisco’s Exploratorium and Colab in Auckland, N.Z.  She has also participated in several new media conferences. Burgoyne was awarded the 2009 Fleck Fellowship by the Banff Centre for the Arts and has been teaching a class entitled “Creative Electronics” at Emily Carr University of Art and Design since 1998. Artist Website

Shane Myrbeck and Emily Shisko make up the duo of Cellar Ensemble. Myrbeck is a Sound Experimentalist, composer and acoustician living in San Francisco. He operates in a variety of sonic contexts, including installation design, composition, architectural acoustics consulting, music performance and sound recording. He also co-founded the Whitehaus Family performing arts collective in Boston, MA. Myrbeck spends his professional life as an acoustics consultant at Arup, and is currently in charge of the San Francisco SoundLab, an immersive, full-sphere ambisonic sound studio used for composition and acoustic simulation. Emily Shisko is an award-winning composer, dedicated teacher and avid player of any and all keyboard instruments. She has been awarded the Paul C. Lindsey III Memorial Scholarship for achievement in composition and was the recipient of the conservatory’s 2007 Roger Sessions Memorial Composition Award. Shisko is also a co-founder and artist with the Whitehaus Family Record, a performing arts collective and venue in Boston. She continues to participate in festivals and friendship with the musicians, poets and performers there. Currently based in San Francisco, Shisko composes for various artists and media. Additionally, she accompanies the San Francisco Boys Chorus and collaborates with Myrbeck, who is also her husband. Artist Website