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July 14

The Human Bionic at The Lab

Featuring multimedia and interactive performances by Joe Cantrell, Kadet Kuhne, and Les Stuck + Sonsherée Giles

The Human Bionic features innovative instrumentation using the human body that questions the boundaries between the biological and technological. Artists Cantrell, Kuhne and Stuck imagine the hybridization of humans and technology with interactive performances utilizing brainwaves, muscles, sensors and human processing to create and conduct sound. Cantrell creates ‘Sounding Body’ an audience-interactive performance event that uses brainwaves to reveal how our thoughts can take various sonic forms. Multi-media artist Kuhne conjures ‘Rebound’ using videos and sensors to activate sound and image. Stuck presents ‘Pressed’ positioning the dancer’s real body between a symbolic language that directs movement and the video record of past movement. The Human Bionic explores our physical connection to technology while raising questions as to what is at stake, and what can be lost, by organic bodies and their interrelationships as technological implements become increasingly ubiquitous and essential in our current society.

Joe Cantrell is a composer, musician, multi-media artist and educator specializing in sound art, installations and sonic performances that are inspired by the implications and consequences of technological objects and practices. Cantrell’s work examines the incessant acceleration of technology and media production, its ownership, and the waste it produces. He has performed and exhibited all over the US, including the 2005 CEAIT festival at the REDCAT Theater at Disney Hall in Los Angeles. His cutting-edge creations include Blackbox Loops, a composition that utilized controlled feedback and accompanying reactive video; and Shift Register, a piece that utilized digital brainwave recognition to compose sound and visual data and simultaneously control spatialization via hypersonic speaker arrays. Cantrell has been an instructor at University of California, Santa Cruz; a designer for Triple X Records; and a creative research specialist for Sparks Environments, amongst others. Artist Website

Kadet Kuhne is a media artist whose work spans the audiovisual spectrum. With the goal of forming visceral responses to sound and movement, Kadet openly exposes the use of technology in her practice by employing fragmented, jump-cut edits and amplifying evidence of sonic detritus. This glitch aesthetic, contrasted with layered ambient reflection, is intended to heighten tensions between motion and stasis: a balanced yet heightened “nervous system” to reflect our own. Kadet’s compositions twist signal processing, FM synthesis and neurological impulses into experimental electronic ambiences. As an award-winning filmmaker she has numerous shorts that have screened worldwide, and she also creates video and sound installations that explore themes of communication, mediating consciousness and control. Select exhibitions and performances include the Museum of Art Lucerne, LACMA, Musees de Strasbourg, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, SFMOMA, de Young Museum, REDCAT, Museum of Contemporary Art-LA, Not Still Art Festival, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, Highways Performance Gallery and the Antimatter Film Festival. Artist Website

Les Stuck’s intermedia practice is based on dance and he has created commissioned music for the Frankfurt Ballet, New York City Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, Tokyo Ballet, New National Theater Tokyo, Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet, Netherlans Dans Theater, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Swedish Royal Opera Ballet, Royal Ballet of Flanders, Pappa Tarahumara, David Parsons Company, and Alex Ketley’s Foundry. His award-winning experimental video explores eurhythmia of movement and music. Recent improvised performances have focused on the complex relationships among improvised music, video, and dance. Artist Website

Sonsherée Giles is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and costume designer. She has toured and performed for audiences throughout the United States, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria. She has taught contemporary dance in public school systems, university institutions and dance festivals throughout the country. Sonsherée is also presently the Associate Director of AXIS Dance Company. Sonsherée has received an Isadora Duncan Award for ensemble performance of To Color Me Different choreographed by Alex Ketley and a Homer Avila Award for Excellence in the field of Physically Integrated Dance. Her dancing is indirectly influenced by a long-term relationship with the physical act of running and yoga. She makes dances that investigate movement repetition, chance operation, landscapes, art history, and daily life experiences.