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Aug 12

Revelations: Myths + Meditations at the Episcopal Church of St. John the Evangelist

Featuring performances and experiences by Michael Elrod, Voicehandler and Xavier Leonard &  Cassidy Rast (San Diego)

Soundwave Humanities takes us inside the sacred spaces of the Episcopal Church of St. John the Evangelist. Revelations: Myths + Mediations invites you to discover the stories of our lives and within our own selves. Electro acoustic duo Voicehandler (aka Jacob Felix Heule & Danishta Rivero) uses the most ancient instruments and the most modern (digitally processed Hydrophonium) to create compositions inspired by ancient Norse creation myths and Venezuelan creation stories that explore our collective consciousness while redefining the song form. Musician and Yogi Elrod creates ‘Mediations for Gong and Electronics,’ a sonic meditation that reconnects participants to the infinite sound current and establishes a state of deep relaxation while exploring the quantum technology of naad yoga (the yoga of sound) and sound’s capacity to induce altered states of consciousness. Xavier Leonard with filmmaker Cassidy Rast manifest “1” a multi-media event featuring the stories and teachings of Mayan Elder Tata Pedro, one of the last Ajq’iij’s (calendar day keeper) to explore our shared experience and concepts of unity.

DOWNLOAD THE [1] APP NOW to explore the meanings of 2012 and the Mayan calendar from Mayan elders and see the performance at ‘Revelations: Myths + Meditations’!

Michael Elrod is a musician, Sound Artist, graphic designer, and kundalini yoga teacher from Oakland CA. He has studied kundalini yoga and gong technique with Dr. Hari Simran Singh Khalsa. His music and performances explore the universal sound current using gong, tanpura, harmonium and electronics. Organic drones, minimalist structures and new age sound therapies inform his work. Elrod’s recent work includes live performance and collaborative recording projects with Date Palms (Root Strata, Mexican Summer) and Portraits (Important Records) and appearances on recordings with The Alps (Type) and Barn Owl (Thrill Jockey). Artist Website

Voicehandler is the duo made up of Jacob Felix Heule and Danishta Rivero. Heule is a percussionist and electronic musician focused on sound-oriented improvisation following the traditions of electro-acoustic improv, noise, and 20th-century composition. Heule founded the acoustic grind duo Ettrick with Jay Korber, and has worked extensively with double bassist Tony Dryer in a variety of groups such as Wormses (with Loachfillet) and Addleds (with Kyle Bruckmann and Kanoko Nishi). Their trio with Jacob Lindsay released Idea of West on Creative Sources in 2008. Heule and Dryer also have a trio CD with Jack Wright, and have performed live with diverse musicians such as Michel Doneda, C Spencer Yeh, Gino Robair, and Damon Smith. Since 2008 they have also operated as a duo project incorporating electronics in interaction with their acoustic instruments. Rivero is a musician, composer and sound artist who performs solo improvisations on the Hydrophonium, a water-based electro-acoustic percussion instrument, with which she has toured the Pacific NW. Rivero also does vocals and digital processing in Blood Wedding, a just intonation noise duo with Chuck Johnson on steel guitar and modular synth. Through the years, she has been involved in various music projects. Most notably, she was lead vocalist of progressive metal band Aghora (1997-2006). She co-founded Optiphonal Wonder Machine, a multimedia collaboration with Jennifer Rannells. Artist Website | Artist Website

Xavier Leonard is a designer, educator and ICT (information and communications technology) activist. He was the founding director of Heads on Fire and the Heads on Fire Fab Lab. He is also the creator of Designers for Humanity, a model for delivering science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) experiences through a service-learning project. Leonard has been honored as a Z-Fellow of the Zero Divide Foundation, an Ideas Institute Fellow of the MIT Media Lab, and a TEC Champion by the United States Congress. His “experience” design projects have been presented at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London, the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, The Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, Franklin Furnace, New York, and The Knitting Factory, New York. Leonard is a Media and Communications Specialist with San Diego’s Center on Policy Initiatives and a Senior Fellow in Emerging Technology at the San Diego State University Visualization Center. Artist Website

Cassidy Rast is a Californian documentary filmmaker and auteur, who most recently has been working producing and directing independent media for television and film in southern California. She has traveled the world to gather the blue print for the films she is currently working on and has had an imminent love and passion for documentary filmmaking since she was a child. She has worked in film with various indigenous cultures from the Tibetans to the Secoya’s of the Amazon. Through documentary filmmaking her vision is to link the indigenous and foreign communities, utilizing media to act as a medium to allow unrepresented people in the Media, a voice to share their story with the world. Artist Website

Christen Lien is a classically trained violist who performs original compositions on viola that are a beautiful mixture of East and West musical traditions, classical and postmodern, acoustic and electronic. Lien’s debut album is called Vol. I: Battle Cry and it reflects a journey of challenging and expanding classical viola expression. Lien incorporates layers of live electronics effects with her viola creating hybrid music and expressive performance art.
Lien has collaborated with respected contemporary artists that
showcase her genre-crossing abilities, such as Def Jam poets Steve
Connell and Sekou Andrews, Grammy-winning DJ iLL MEDiA,
Grammy-nominated beatboxer Christylez Bacon, and many others in the
jazz, rock, hip-hop, electronic, and classical genres.